Large Scale Art Installations

We make them possible.

Source all your supplies in one place

No matter how strange or specific, we can leverage our vast supplier network to access whatever you need. Just give us your list of items or project brief and we’ll get back to you with an accurate quote. We put in all the hard work so you can concentrate on the fun part – bringing your creation to life.



We can source 1000’s of yards of the most specific designs. We can work from a general design brief or even get custom made designs done. Anything is possible.


Structural Items

Do you need materials to give your installation its form? From plastic poles to bamboo frames and everything in-between we can find the perfect fit.


Wood and Metal

Tons and tons of wood and metal and be sourced. Any shape, any form. Whatever specifications you have just let us know and we can deliver.


Plastic Molding

Some items are just so unique they can’t be purchase pre-made from a catalog, but instead need a customized approach. That is where our specialized knowledge of plastic molding comes into play to create whatever shape or thing you require.


Unique Items

Art has no bounds – neither should your work. We’ve become experts in sourcing ¬†bulk purchases of everything from wigs to baby pacifiers.¬†However strange or weird your request we will get it filled.



We can color match any material or shade, and provide advice about durability or special needs. Just get in touch with one of our experts today.

Industrial Size Orders

We specialise in massive bulk orders for huge installations. There is no limit to the amount of material we can provide. Industrial scale orders are common for us, so you can rest assured we can fulfill any order.

Contact Us

No matter where you live, or what stage of planning you are in, we can help. Get in contact with one of art coordinators today.